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Ville Valo Graphics
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Welcome to valo_graphics. This is a place to share icons, headers, wallpapers, FO banners that you've made of Ville Valo and Ville Valo ONLY. To see what's already been posted, please browse the community tags and memories. You need to be a member to view the entries.
1. Only graphics -- icons, banners, headers, wallpapers, photomanipulations, etc. Photography doesn't count unless there's an obvious manipulation. That's what valo_daily is for.
2. Only Ville Valo related stuff. We don't care if you made Bam icons, 69 Eyes banners, The Rasmus wallpapers -- unless there's Valo in them, they'll be deleted.
3. When posting graphics larger than 400 px, more than 3 icons, use a livejournal cut. <*lj-cut*><*/lj-cut*> remove the *'s. This is so that you don't stretch out other people's friends pages, and they don't do it to yours.
4. Avoid "oMfG ViLlE iS So HoTzzZZ!" kind of fangirl typing. Come on, seriously.
5. Requests are okay, but don't be pissed off if nobody wants to do it.
6. Promoting is fine, but put "Promotion" to the subject of your post, and make sure the promotion goes under a LJ cut. If what you're promoting is NOT Ville Valo/HIM related, it will be deleted.
7. Please try and tag your entries when you post. This will help everyone browse the community easily and find what they're looking for.
crediting rules
Failure to follow these rules might lead to your being banned from the community.
1. DO NOT HOTLINK. It's not going to be tolerated in any way. We're not making it up here; it's simply illegal to steal bandwidth. You can read more about bandwidth theft here and see for yourself.
2. Credit the USER who made the graphics, not this community. If you want to link the community as well, that's fine, but FIRST YOU HAVE TO CREDIT THE USER.

: If you're crediting banners, headers, etc. put it in your userinfo.
Example: Go to Manage>Info. What you type should be something like this:
Journal header by neurotoxicdoll
Friends Only Banner by sunkissxthis

: If you're crediting icons, credit in keywords.
For this we have a very simple tutorial here.
3. DO NOT ALTER OTHERS' WORK. Unless the owner states them as bases, or says you can do alterations, don't do it. If you really really really want to, ask them first. They might just say yes. And if they say no, show a little respect.
promote us
This is not mandatory, it's just very much appreciated. You can use the following banner, or just a LJ tag. There are more banners HERE.


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If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or if you want to become affiliates, please leave a comment HERE.

Any questions? Contact Anny.